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Florist Choice Designs

Not sure of what you may get? unsure if will be filled to value?

Speaking as a florist let tell you what most people raise as questions or doubts on the phone when we take flower orders at Florist At Adolfos Creation LLC.

1. Not sure what to order its for "occassion"

Tip: when unsure of what to order just be upfront with the florist we understand. let us know what occassion its for " birthday, anniversary, get well" and we will help you send something that will bring joy and smiles to your loved ones. Most of the time we will guide you to our website so you can get and give us a similar design to your expectations in size, shape or color so we can both be on the same page. Also if you know your recepient has a special love for a certain flower, favorite color then let us know as we may be able to accomodate that so that we can make it extra special. Unsure of if they have such favorites? only go to their social media and see what flowers they have or are sharing, what color palets they are sharing in clothes, or a bracelet they always wear, or accessories of a similar color or shade will be a big tip on finding such things out.  Do a little research it will pay out big time. We have narrowed popular occassions on our website for Florist At Adolfos Creation.

2. Want to spend no more then "$$"

TIP: Beleive it or not we can send a dozen roses for $49.99 or upwards of hundreds depending on container, stem size, flower head size, added jewelry or blings, chocolate fillers, and flower filler types so having a confortable budget is key but be realistic as most florist charge $5 per single rose without fan or fare.  A dozen roses is usually more expensive becuase we buy flowers by the bunch or box and a bunch has 2 dozen in them so if you buy a dozen then you only leave us capacity to service 1 more customer with that same bunch, but if you buy a mixed flower bqt then we can fill in 3 roses, other flower etc...and we can service 4 customers with 1 bunch of flowers which ultimately comes down to supply and demand for pricing. 

Now if you have a birthday flower request let us know what amount you would like to spend on flowers, and keep in mind that delivery is extra about $10+ per delivery and taxes. Some florist charge a surcharge for out of area delivery to be able to send that order to another florist...hey we got to do extra work so we need extra

Most designer choice arrangments vary around $49.99-$69.99-$89.99 for standar flower selections

3. Not Sure what to say in card message

uurrgg....yes its frustrating to florists...why? 

picture being the only florist on duty, with 15-20 orders to make for that day and a customer calls around 10am when we open to get all the detail, and you hear the incoming phone call beeping and customer doesnt know what to say on the card, then customers walk in shop and you still waiting on the message? you get it?

Think and have it written down on paper or a text before you call and if you really cant think of something simply ask the florist to find you a nice message tailored to your occassion and we can find some beautiful notes on google for you that will win them over! Saves everyone time.

4. Designers Choice Vs. Pre-designed

Designers Choice is always the best way to go for a quick and simple surprise! Most of the time you will get better flowers, better upsize, and premium designs for the same amount you would for a pre-designed item as those are restricted to what is shown on the picture due to customers expectations. Just dont give a florist $30 and expect to have a $100 arrangment. You can let us know on the special instructions what are the items that you like, or color choices etc... Florist at adolfos creation  will help you score the day!

Calling your order in vs. online order:

PLEASE GO ONLINE AND PLACE YOUR ORDER...its always quicker, better set of expectations of what to receive and you have all the time to think of what to say on the card aswell...Win...Win...Win!


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