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Best Reasons to Send Flowers in September

September is full of important days, and flowers can be sent to our loved ones on any of those days.

  • Labor Day Flowers
  • Grandparents Day flowers

 Some critical days in September on which flowers should be sent are the following-

1. Labor Day (September 1st)

Labor Day is one of the most ignored yet important days. The laborers who work to improve our society all year long should be appreciated. Flowers are the best ways to encourage or motivate someone. A neatly arranged bouquet of roses or orchids can easily brighten a person’s mood and encourage them to work even harder. If you are looking for a nicely arranged bouquet of roses, you can always visit our store as we have one of the finest collections of roses. Choose for birthday flowers delivery in Winston Salem-NC and send them to your friends on their special day.

2. Grandparents Day (September 8th) 

As we all know, older people love flowers, especially if their grandchildren give them. Giving flowers or bouquets to our grandparents on grandparents’ day would be an ideal gift, older people are very fond of flowers with decent scents. So a bouquet of roses or lilies could be suitable for them as they have a mild fragrance along with beautiful textures. Roses are found in multiple colors, so you can always make a colorful bouquet of roses that looks even more attractive than the regular single-colored ones.

3. First Day of Autumn (September 22nd)

The first day is considered a very auspicious day in western culture. People tend to give flowers to their loved ones on this day. Many people also visit the graves of the friends, family, or loved ones they have lost and pay respect to them by giving bouquets. Usually, people give flowers like Lilies, Daffodils, or white roses to their loved ones as it gives a calm and composed vibe of Autumn. Most people take caskets or bouquets of white Lilies at the graves of their loved ones, as it symbolizes rebirth and calmness of soul.

4. Gold Star Mother’s Day (September 29th)

Another important date in September on which flowers should be given is the Gold Star Mother’s Day. Mothers are the most crucial figures in almost everyone’s life, and we must pay gratitude to our mothers on this day by giving them flowers, and thank them for their never-ending loves and sacrifices. Some of the flowers that could be given to our mothers on Gold star Mother's Day are lilies, roses, or orchids as they symbolize love, affection, and exquisiteness. No individual can take the place of mothers in our lives, and we should thank her by giving her flowers on this auspicious day. Buy the best bouquet of flowers for the love of your life from one of the best Winston-Salem florists.

5. Rosh Hashanah (September 7-8th)

Jewish New year known as Rosh Hashanah is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Europe. On this occasion, Jewish people tend to give flowers to each other and congratulate them on the new year’s arrival. This festival marks a new beginning, so many people give flowers to each other, as flowers symbolize freshness and new beginnings. Some flowers delivered on this occasion are roses, lilies, orchids, and daffodils. These flowers have a very mild fragrance and a beautiful texture, which gives a very positive and charming vibe that is ideal for a new year.

    6. Yom Kippur (September 16th)

    Yom Kippur is a Christian festival of collective purification of the society by asking for forgiveness of their sins. Many people tend to give flowers to each other on this occasion, as flowers are considered a symbol of freshness and forgiveness. Some flowers given on Yom Kippur are daffodils and lilies, as they symbolize rebirth and a fresh start. You can easily place your orders for online flower delivery services through our website. 

    7. September Birthdays

    For those born in the seasonal transition to cooler weather, fall's signature flower is the gorgeous aster. Available in colors like pink, red, white, purple, and mauve, the aster has long had meaningful symbolism. It represents faith, wisdom, and love.

    During Victorian times, gift-giving an aster flower meant expressing patience and affection for its recipient. Appropriately, the name "aster" comes from the Greek word for "star", as these flowers resemble bright, shining stars. To honor a close friend, family member, or loved one celebrating their birthday in September, present them with a lovely bouquet of asters!


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